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It might be the granola in me.



My Background: Becoming a brand partner with Young Living Essential Oils in 2019 was a no brainer, after I learned about how to swap out simple items in my home for a more natural life! Some might call me a little "crunchy" but I do believe there is an oil for everyone! I'll never stop using and educating about the power of oils!


What you'll find here:

Recipes, safety tips and uses, and our essential oil shop.

Did you know?


There's a FREE oily app for all customers?!  They provide information, education, videos, promos, and more to make sure you know how to purchase, use, and benefit from your Young Living products.

targeted wellness



I believe deep within us all there is a dreamer buried deep inside childhood memories. I am on a mission to help uncover those dreams and help you find the purpose within that's worth pursuing.

Oils 101

Have you ever wanted to pursue a dream but just didn't know where to start? Do you start chasing your vision only to start and stop and start and stop?

I delight in coaching how to achieve your dreams by equipping you with purpose-driven habits and thoughts to achieve success. If this sounds just like what you need to get started, The Purposed Dream Virtual Coaching Courses were created just for you! Choose your path to living your dream today.

Become a Customer

Have you decided to start a business but you're lost at where to start or how to create a clear brand image that resonates with your clients?


Our Purposed Business Coaching Academy empowers small business owners with all the coaching needed from start-up, so you can focus on bringing your product or service to market with excellence. 

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Join Me

I am a creative entrepreneur who delights in helping others pursue their wildest dreams! I have always had a heart for small businesses, have helped several grow, but ultimately my dream is to do it in a way that allows me to reach the world with the knowledge I've gained, so I started to offer virtual courses through 

grits, grace, & granola.

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