{the story of}
grits grace and granola

For as long as I can remember, I've been a creative entrepreneur. I love freedom. I love being able to live by my own rules. I love being able to work in my pjs, spend my mornings on the farm with my animals and have lunch my teenage kid every single day. I refuse to settle. And, as I sit here and write this, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude as I am reminded that every single thing I've set my heart on, God has made possible. 

A few years ago, while taking care of my late husband Joel, I wanted a creative outlet to design with my hands and give to the world. I created Jackson Pine Farm- a brand that would become my homestead. I have a heart for momprenuers, and I wanted to give them a collective platform to come together ONLINE. I did this before online shopping was cool. After losing my husband, I found it hard to at times to put my work boots on and get back to the dream we dreamed. 

I imagined dozens of bloggers, hundreds of small business moms hand-making things in their she-shed, coaching and mentoring women how to work from home to be with their children and provide for them like I have, and a space, a community that would uplift and love one another virtually. I wanted to inspire, equip, and empower mamas in whatever season of life they found themselves. 

Slowly, I started to create this dream- again. And then, I remember coming up with another one of my "ideas" to expand our creative online market with a DIY line- because I'm kinda a DIY junkie. I wanted to get back at it, after chasing a wellness dream of mine to become a Silver Leader with Young Living Essential Oils. I was awoken by God in the middle of the night while searching for a deep, meaning brand name for this new DIY line. I scribbled some things down about frugal (because I have been a single mom- so it's my heart), farm, faith, and handmade. I wasn't loving anything. Then... it hit me. 


farm, food and hospitality, southern, and it takes grit in business to reach success


faith, devotionals, encouragement, inspiration, joy


bringing truth and hope to families through holistic living and education

Ahhhh... I could hear angels singing. These three words literally captured everything I am at my core. They represent me, my brand, and my mission. They represent the mama who is tired, worn out and needs light in a dark place in her life. This friends, is grits, grace, and granola. 

Here you will find a gathering space to grow- a community of like-minded women who love Jesus, are authentic, work with their whole heart, love their families, screw up every single day, probably say a few swear words because life is messy and we are anything but perfect. But, we will learn and grow together.



our beliefs


- we believe family is first

-we believe in hard work and getting our hands dirty

- we believe in showing grace to others and ourselves

- we believe in truth over comfort

- we believe everything starts with a seed, and you always harvest what you plant

- we believe growth happens in all seasons and consistency is showing up every day even when you don't feel up to it

- we believe in friendship, laughter, and a welcoming spirit and fresh lemonade helps

- we believe God is good can be found on every page of our story

- we believe in wholeness over goodness

- we believe community is best done through daily connection