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P3 collab

Hannah Jones of  "That Hannah Jones" and Lauren Alonso of "grits, grace, and granola" co-host the P3 Collab podcast

YOUR go-to for sparking real change in your business and life.

No matter where you're starting from—whether you're just dipping your toes into the business world, feeling a bit stuck, or looking to inject some new life into your established venture—P3 Collab has something for you. Join us for lively, engaging conversations that cut right to the heart of what it means to grow and sustain a business today.

Each episode features quick, actionable tips designed to help you scale up, increase sustainability, and infuse your daily grind with a renewed sense of purpose. From candid interviews with industry experts and real-life entrepreneurs to fun, insightful discussions between your hosts, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Tune in to "P3 Collab" and start transforming your business with every listen. Because here, it's all about making business better, together. Let's dive into the three P's: passion, purpose, and provision—and watch as your business flourishes like never before!


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coming summer 2024

ready to level up your business game? whether you're getting started, feeling stuck, or thinking of scaling to a passive model... I've got a (virtual) desk with your name on it. 

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